Monday, June 17, 2013

Spencer Continues to INSIST

Councilman Brian Spencer gets downright insistent with the Mayor and tries to get port director Clyde Mathis in trouble for his out of office reminder in this email rant about the Global 1200 and its generators.

Several noteworthy items:
  • When Spencer barks at 8:58pm, the Mayor responds at 8:59PM.  Does the rest of Council get responses this fast?
  • What a great idea to put one of the most ardent port opponents in a meeting with the Chief Engineer for one of the largest port customers.  Anyone see this as a good idea? Why not invite Professor Elebash?
  • The Mayor can meet the next day with Spencer but can't make scheduled meetings with the Port Users Association.
I was at the Wahoo's game last night and Global 1200 was in port and on generators again.  All I heard was the sound of investment in our City by INTERNATIONAL industry. Glad to have her home.

Spencer's gang of 8 or INTERNATIONAL investment in our city.  What does this Mayor really choose when the cameras are off?

Spencer Insists


Anonymous said...

OH NO... Heaven Forbid that there are actually ships at our PORT!! WHY, no one wants SHIPS!!! That is RIDICULOUS!!! THOSE MEAN SHIP CAPTAINS AND THE COMMERCE THEY BRING OR NOISY AND SMELLY DON'T YOU KNOW.

Brian Spenser is nothing more than a punk brown nose and he and his foo foo set are what is wrong with our City.

Oh my gosh, are you telling me that there is industrial activity going on at an industrial port... alert the Mayor and let's put an immediate stop to this.

Cry baby

Port P'Cola said...

Wonder if Mr.Spencer is also concerned about the frequent noise pollution emanating throughout the city as a result of the fireworks that are set off after the Wahoo games? Should he also be concerned about the expense of these displays and the possible delay it may cause in payment of overdue debt the ballpark owes the city. I just hope that once the smoke clears from the dog & pony firework shows, that the Global 1200 is still visible as a proof that at least one of the city enterprises is making money.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of cry babies. You have got to be kidding me. These idiots will end up costing the city more than they already do with their sefishness. Ridiculous!