Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gotta Do Barker's Job For Him

Dear Mr. Attention to Detail:

Please note:

  • Page 6 - You state that PC Wu is a Phd, Why not give Dr. Pratt her due? Why not Ms. Myers?  More Mayor's favorites?
  • Page 7 - Either capitalize Appendix or don't.
  • Page 8 - You don't say if you are submitting the budget as fiction or non-fiction. You did miss last year by over 30 million dollars.
  • Page 10 - You don't account for pages 345 and 346
  • Page 11 - Citizens of Pensacola should be above Members of the City Council See Page 35
  • Page 11 - Mayor should be capitalized.
  • Page 11 - Either capitalize City or don't.
  • Page 11 - You don't point out the major decrease in the budget is because the CFO misbudgeted revenues in gas.  You call it realignment.  Nice.  Good to blame global warming also.
  • Page 12 - You don't mention Air Tran will be dropping service.
  • Page 12,13,14,15 - Either capitalize City or don't.
  • Page 14 - Child safety has become a major focus?  Didn't you care before?
  • Page 15 - It's Ashton J, Hayward III.  Add the III
  • Page 18 - How much have you wasted over the years by not paying the pension contributions on October1? I don't think I would put this in writing.  Makes you look bad.
  • Page 18 - on the October 1...doesn't read right
  • Page 19 - 59 positions eliminated but 36 at the library?  If a business goes bankrupt does it state it cut its interest cost by defaulting on the debt?
  • Page 19 - Sustainability is misspelled.
  • Page 19 - Which is it:  Executive Assistant to Council or Council Executive?
More later

Why the Mayor lets him coast is beyond me.


CJ Lewis said...

When you get to it, Appendix Q refers to the "Pensacola Metropolitan Statistical Area." The correct designation since 2000 has been "Pensacola-Ferry Pass-Brent Metropolitan Statistical Area."

As another one, Page xxxii reads, "1698 - Spaniards Settlement of Pensacola." Presumably someone meant to write "Spanish" vice "Spaniards." The first year noted on the City's seal is 1698. [I suspect the correct year should be 1757 unless we assume that NAS Pensacola is secretly inside City limits.]

On the other hand, page 454 reads, "Pensacola was permanently reestablished by [the] Spanish in 1696 on the mainland, near Fort Barrancas." As the City learned in 1966, 1696 is an incorrect date. In 1968, the City Code was amended substituting the correct date "1698" on the seal.

If you look on the same pages where dates are listed under the City seal, the word "United" is misspelled as "united" in the phrase "united States Army."

Also, although the Charter became effective on January 1, 2010, the Mayor-Council government was not instituted until 2011. The City seal reports it as 2010. If true, that makes Mike Wiggins the first Strong Mayor in the City's history.

I pointed out many such minor or not-minor mistakes in 2008 to which Barker told me that he did not actually "read" the annual budget document. He acted almost offended at the idea that I would assume he had done so.

The sad news is that other than Charles Bare, no one on this City Council is going to actually read the annual budget document. You and Diane Mack are the only two Council members I know of who actually read the thing from cover and cover.

Anonymous said...

If all budgets were cut this year, is the police's wrong? It looks like it went up to me.

Anonymous said...

Wonder who the employee was that saved the city all this money. No name mentioned. If he or she works in finance maybe this person should get Barker's job.

Anonymous said...

I could care less about the grammatical errors to tell you the truth. OR, the historic inaccuracies pointed out by CJ Lewis.

I am more worried about the fact that the Maritime Park is costing us a lot more than they are telling us or was promised to us when you were in office.

Where is the shift from the CRA to the General Fund mentioned in the December CRA Budget Summary? That was about 300K ... Where did they bury that egg.

Then of course it does mention the 400,000 in subsidy of which we (Citizens were promised over and over would not be the case)

Not to mention, that 300K Plus in property taxes is imminent now since they missed the deadline, however, under the current arrangement may now qualify anyway.

Not to mention the 500,000 that they have no hope of paying back.

This is just what is on the surface... I am positive that there are hidden costs all over the budget that is not so open or obvious.

Just wait when the corrosion sets in, wear, etc and these maintenance costs are added onto the backs of our citizens.

Maren, please tell us what your plan as Mayor will be to put this financial disaster to bed. How will you make those who benefit and profit from the park pay for the park? How will you bring this park back to what was promised to the taxpayers of the City of Pensacola. How can we take back control over our park and return the dream to it rightful place and make it profitable.

Right now, we are looking at about 3.6 Million in interest payments and subsidies to the citizens a year given taxes, CRA Budget Shifts and subsidies. In a few short years it will be over 4.1 MILLION per year once principle is added to the note.

Please tell me so that I may sleep better at night if Pensacola is benefiting, through taxes, sales, what ever to justify that yearly expense. Help me to understand that.

Anonymous said...

"Wonder who the employee was that saved the city all this money. No name mentioned. If he or she works in finance maybe this person should get Barker's job."

This will never happen because its one of those greedy firefighters.