Friday, May 17, 2013

Thanks to the City employees!

Thank you to all of the past and current City employees that stop me in the grocery store or at the ballpark and let me know where to look and what to ask for as part of records requests.  As I am no longer directly involved in City government, it is you who make the disclosures on this blog possible. 

As a reminder, my blog is purely anonymous.

I am sorry you are having to endure the constant fear of reprisal or losing your job if you object to what you are seeing.

The Citizens realize the situation you are in and appreciate your hard work on behalf of the City.



Anonymous said...

thank YOU Ms. Deweese,

We have consulted counsel and now realize that the administration's threats of intimidation are are bluster.. and while the threats are certainly concerning, we now know that the law protects us from retaliation.

Keep at it and we will continue to point you where to dig!

Anonymous said...

I have occasion to work with city employees from time to time. They'll look left and right, lean in and then tell it like it is. They're tired of it!

I hope they know that I share what they tell me with friends, in groups that I belong to, with strangers at the gas pump. I share your stories, too. Citizens are beginning to realize what is going on and they don't like it.

These power-brokers have been taking actions without suffering any consequences for a long time - and as satisfying as it would be for you to be there when karma comes around, remember that it goes both ways. You and the City employees are working to do the right thing.

And you are appreciated.

Anonymous said...

City employees are desperate & scared. The Mayor fires employees (by proxy) without ever having a conversation with the employee, without letting the employee know that there's a problem with their performance & without giving them an opportunity to remedy any deficiency. He fires on a whim & for political reasons. The Mayor never supervised anyone before taking office & he is showing that he is a terrible manager. At a time when City employees are filled with despair, you give them hope.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Mrs. Deweese. You are a shinning light in our great city that is being used for personal gain by small group at the expense of the citizens. Thank you for what you do.