Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Asmar Directs Blog Campaign / Peterson's Veiled Threat to Outzen

Rick Outzen has been relentless in trying to go after the Mayor's staff since Asmar was removed from his position at City Hall.  Remember "Bloggergate" when the City PIO was reprimanded for blogging anonymously. He stated he was instructed by his superior to blog. 

Well, Outzen and Travis Peterson exchanged emails where Travis shares with Outzen some emails that clearly indicate that Outzen's boy Asmar was directing both Cosson and Peterson to respond to blog posts as far back as 2011.

On December 5, 2011, Asmar instructs Peterson:


You and Derek should respond to any blog posts regarding the same so that a statement doesn’t go unchallenged.

John F. Asmar,
Chief of Staff

This email copies Cosson, Reynolds, Hayward and Messer.  It appears they all knew Asmar was the director of the blogging campaigns.

Travis Peterson's email to Outzen also was interesting in that it:

  • came from in March of 2013
  • Discusses conversations between Outzen and "Quint" regarding the "blog stuff".  Quint who?
Then Peterson whips out the veiled threat "As far as I'm concerned, I have no ax to grind....(as long as he doesn't try to mess with my projects!)"

His strong arming continues "But, after Jeremy's call Friday I did my own little email search and came up with this. It clearly exists on City servers, and although it doesn't mention anything about anonymous posts, it says just enough about blogs and is a directive from John.

"Just saying, I think a lesson was learned by our young friend at City Hall. Nobody wins if this keeps going the direction it's going, and I think going down this path opens the door for a lot of other stuff that isn't good for the City, John, or anyone."


Peterson lets Outzen know that he should back off or his boy John is gonna get in trouble.

And Travis you were right in that it does exist on City servers!  Asmar busted.  Outzen busted.

I'll be reviewing the Asmar Weekly and Rick's blog for the apology.  Holding my breath.

You go Travis!  You should be on the POWER LIST!

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