Tuesday, May 28, 2013

There is a new sheriff in town!

The Audit Committee met today and for the first time in literally decades the City of Pensacola has a new audit firm.  Mauldin & Jenkins was selected by the City's audit committee.  Brian Spencer's tally was not counted since he showed up 45 minutes late.

I will be mailing a little package to Mauldin & Jenkins to show them what they have won and include a link to this blog.

Congratulations Mauldin & Jenkins!

I'm hopeful yet I suspect "some" are concerned.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Charter Mama Says Mayor Must Attend Council Meetings

Origin of the Myth

Back before Mayor Hayward ever took the oath of office as Mayor, PNJ reporter Jamie Page inquired as to the charter statement regarding the Mayor's attendance at Council.

He asked Crystal Spencer, Chair of the Charter Commission, whether the intent of the commission was to require the Mayor to attend Council meetings.

His quote from the Charter Mama was that it is both a "duty and requirement" and challenges Rusty Wells on it.

Amazing how the Spencer's opinions change as soon as Mayor Hayward refuses to eat his peas and do as required.

Charter Mama Says Yes

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Working before Contract on Mayor Authorization

Never one to learn from prior mistakes, Mayor Hayward once again contracted for services without a valid agreement in place.
The City's auditors, who ignored most of the Mayor's infractions last year, did criticize the Mayor for allowing work to begin before contracts were in place.

Rules are for fools!

Working Before Contract

Hayward Friends and Family Plan

The City's official tweeter only proposed $2,500 per month.  But hey, why not kick it up a notch and grant her $2,700.  It's just City money.

Only proposed $2,500

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Official Taxpayer Funded Tweeter

I stumbled over this item.  The Mayor has hired a consultant to put up facebook entries, retweet and cross post.

The job requires per week a minimum of:
  • 5 City posts
  • 5 Mayor posts
  • 5 Airport posts
  • 3 Port posts
And what does the tweeter to the king receive.

$2,700 per month or $32,400 per year. A Policeman? No!  A Fireman? No!  A tweety bird.


Tweeter to the King

Friday, May 17, 2013

What does he actually say?


  • Nicer retention ponds?
  • Solar panels on the Escambia Treating site?
  • Making Pensacola Bay like Destin Pass?
  • Exporting natural gas after we import it from elsewhere?  Really?
What about crime prevention or additional officers?
What about a new fire station?
What about better sidewalks?
What about investing in Scenic Bluffs Park?
What about fixing potholes that cats are using as Jacuzzis?

Aunt Ginny's PNJ propaganda machine rolls on! 

Thanks to the City employees!

Thank you to all of the past and current City employees that stop me in the grocery store or at the ballpark and let me know where to look and what to ask for as part of records requests.  As I am no longer directly involved in City government, it is you who make the disclosures on this blog possible. 

As a reminder, my blog is purely anonymous.

I am sorry you are having to endure the constant fear of reprisal or losing your job if you object to what you are seeing.

The Citizens realize the situation you are in and appreciate your hard work on behalf of the City.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Behind the scenes...who pulls the strings?

We all know that every Hayward appearance is choreographed down to the last detail.  Little did we know that it was choreographed down to facial gestures.  Enjoy this snippet from a speech written by Derek, I have a puppet, Cosson.


How about having to actually tell the Mayor how to count down from 5 to 1.  And don't forget to flip the switch!!


Remember the Gallery night debacle.  We all thought the Mayor made statements as to what happened.  Nope. It was Cosson preparing what "actually happened" for the Mayor to share with the citizens.



Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.  Smile for the PNJ!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More Barker Lack of Attention to Detail

It's not Andy's day!

The City's RFP for an auditor is due tomorrow and Andy is now a TERHARR rather than a TERHAAR. 

Barker got Wu correct!

Barker oops


Pensacola...where City Council members have BOTH cars stolen from their HOUSE.

Council Member - Official City Business decals....BONUS! 

From Ricks Blog

Buzz: Councilman’s cars stolen

On Facebook, Councilman Andy Terhaar’s wife is reporting that both of their cars were stolen from their driveway last night. The Terhaars live in the Inverness subdivision. Others in the vicinity are reporting car burglaries.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Council, but I told you...

Below is a link to Monday's COW meeting.


If you want to see the very definition of  "Council, as you are aware..." from CFO Dick Barker review the link to Item 10 which is the quarterly financial presentation by the CFO. 

Intentionally delayed until Council has been at it for 5 hours, the presentation lasts all of 7 minutes and unless you are a speed reader you can't possibly gain anything from the way CFO Barker flashes the charts on the screen.  Council and the CFO cover themselves by stating "its on the website if anyone wants to see it."  At least Charles Bare tells Barker he will be submitting questions in writing for answers.

What was in the report?
  • The golf course continues to lose money even after the upgrades to the course. Over 2,000 less rounds were played in the period than the same period last year.
  • The clubhouse concessionaire is 5 months behind on rent.
  • The City is in the concession business at Roger Scott.  City is obtaining an alcoholic beverage license.  Will the City be liable for alcohol related accidents for anyone overserved at the facility?  Should our City be involved in selling alcoholic beverages?
  • Playing members have decreased over 10%  in the period than the same period last year.
Not much Upside in the golf and tennis world.

  • The latest estimate is that the CMPA will need an "operating subsidy" of $300,000.
  • Randy Oliver also recommended budgeting an "operating subsidy" into the future.
  • Barker recommends increasing the subsidy from $300,000 to $400,000 next year.
  • Barker states that the $500,000 loan for the amphitheater back of house is not addressed.

Gas reserves are way below Council policy of 15%.  Get ready for increased gas fees.


Police staffing at the airport has been reduced.
Management is considering reducing Firefighting staffing also.
Parking fees were increased .
Instead of shuttle buses the Airport will transport parking lot users with golf carts. Seriously!
Barker can't spell.  It's buses not busses. Busses are multiple kisses.

Council as you are aware....

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Poppin' Tags!

In a post earlier this week, I noted that the Blue Wahoos lease has both the CMPA AND the Blue Wahoos responsible for buying the field maintenance equipment for the stadium.

Well, the CMPA actually ended up paying the bill to the tune of over $100,000 to .....wait for it.

Jerry Pate Company

Really? Well below are the invoices.

Thrift Shop Tools

But please note that the CMPA went Thrift Shop on the deal buying all "pre-owned" gear cleaning out Jerome's locker. Guess to save some coin for commemorative coins.

James gonna pop some tags,
only got $20 in his pocket. 
He's He's a hunting. Lookin for a come up.
James is bleepin awesome.

James wears his granddad's clothes
He looks incredible
Strollin in this big ass coat
From that thrift shop down the road.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Outzen Endorses Ed Gray this Thursday

In the May 9 issue of the Inweekly, Rick Outzen endorses Ed Gray III for District 2 Florida House.

No shocker here. 

But in full disclosure, Outzen worked for Ed's daddy based on Sunbiz records.

Worked for Daddy

Additionally, Outzen served on Gulf Breeze Council with Mr. Gray.

What was a bit interesting is Outzen has already placed Gray in line for Speaker of the House and he hasn't even been elected.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Hayward to Hold Press Conference for Something He had NOTHING to do With

Southwest is transitioning its Air Tran service to Southwest service eliminating the direct head to head competition with Delta for the Atlanta bound traffic.

Here is the Southwest Press Release

Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) and its wholly owned subsidiary AirTran Airways confirmed today, Jan. 20, 2012, the intent to convert AirTran Airways operations at 22 domestic and international airports to Southwest operations over time.

The 22 AirTran airports that will continue to operate and will eventually join the Southwest route map include: Flint, Mich. (FNT); Rochester, N.Y. (ROC); Pensacola, Fla. (PNS); Charlotte, N.C. (CLT); Dayton, Ohio (DAY); Richmond, Va. (RIC); Key West, Fla. (EYW); Washington, D.C. (DCA); Memphis, Tenn. (MEM); Akron-Canton, Ohio (CAK); Wichita, Kan. (ICT); Des Moines, Iowa (DSM); Branson, Mo. (BKG); Portland, Maine (PWM); Grand Rapids, Mich. (GRR); Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (PUJ); Cancun, Mexico (CUN); Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ); Aruba (AUA); San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU); Bermuda (BDA); and Nassau, Bahamas (NAS). AirTran service and Employees at these airports are planned to convert to Southwest gradually over the course of AirTran's integration into Southwest. The airlines earlier announced that AirTran will begin serving Mexico City, Mexico (MEX) on May 24, 2012, and San Jose Cabo, Mexico (SJD) on June 3, 2012. Those destinations also will convert to Southwest over time. Of the 69 cities AirTran served when Southwest acquired it on May 2, 2011, 53 cities are planned to convert to full Southwest Airlines service.

Is it a win for Hayward for the 21 other destinations being converted from Air Tran to Southwest.
I'm sure his lobbying was the reason for Pensacola being CONVERTED!

The Mayor may next take credit for the sun coming up.

I'm Confused about the Stadium Lease

Who is responsible for purchasing the equipment to maintain the playing field? 

Section 9 of the Agreement states:

9. EQUIPMENT. CMPA shall at its sole cost and expense purchase, keep at the Multi-Use Facility, and allow NFPB and its agents, contractors, or designees to use (I) such mowing, landscaping, and other equipment as is necessary maintain the baseball playing surface in the Multi-Use Facility in accordance with League standards and to otherwise maintain the landscaped areas of the Multi-Use Facility, (ii) ovens, refrigerators, and other kitchen equipment as is necessary to operate the concession areas necessary to service Club Home Games and NFPB Events, and (iil) such other items of furniture, fixtures and equipment listed on Exhibit C attached hereto and Incorporated herein,

Section 11 of the Agreement states:


(I) Routine Maintenance by NFPB. I n addition to NFPB's obligations under Sectlon l l ( a ) above, during both the Baseball Season and the Off-Season, NFPB shall be responsible at its sole cost and expense (including, but not limited to, providing personnel,supplies, and equipment) for all routine maintenance of the Multi-Use Facility, including, but not limited to:

(i) Mowing, fertilizing, seeding, reseeding, watering, removing refuse, and otherwise maintaining the baseball playing surface in accordance with League standards;

(ii) Cleanup of seating, concession areas and NFPB Reserved Parking Spaces, removal and disposal of rubbish, trash, and garbage within the Multi-Use Facility, and routine maintenance of seats in the Multi-Use Facility in accordance with League standards;

(iii) Regular and routine maintenance of the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, water, sewage, and field drainage systems in accordance with League standards;

(iv) Replace interior light bulbs as they burn out or need replacement;

(v) Repair and maintain ail equipment related to concessions and landscaping at the Multi-Use Facility in accordance with League standards; and

(vi) Keep public lavatories and other restroom fixtures clean and adequately supplied in accordance with League standards,

(vii) Keep and maintain the scoreboard and A/V system in good working order in accordance with League standards.

(viii) Keep, maintain, repair and replace any and all televisions installed throughout the facility in accordance with League standards.

Can someone explain which attorney missed this?  FYI, CMPA purchased the equipment.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

IPC Inside Deal in the Works in Monday's COW

Monday's COW agenda includes an inside deal for IPC founder James J. (Jim) Reeves.  Here's how it works.

The CAO puts a blah blah recommendation together that states the City wants to dispose of a vacant property on Intendencia by direct negotiation.  The property was acquired for $2,670 in 2004 and is on the property appraiser rolls for $10,688. The recommendation talks about how poor the location is.

The city staff was approached by Tiki House Inc. which is owned by James J.(Jim) Reeves.


Big Jim says he wants to use it for a parking lot for the building he leases next door.  The City is not even contacting the property owner on the other side to see if they would be interested as well.

If this goes like the Carraba's deal then you can expect some other use that puts lots of dollars in Reeves pocket.  For those late to the party, Reeves purchased the Carraba's lot from the City by promising a hotel on the site.

If Council approves the measure, an appraisal will be ordered and the mayor will directly negotiate with Reeves.  Council will rubber stamp the deal after it has been "negotiated".

That's how it rolls here in Pensacola.  JJR SOP FYI.

Why not get an appraisal, then put it out to bid for anyone to bid on?

Have a TAB on me Jim.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Asmar Directs Blog Campaign / Peterson's Veiled Threat to Outzen

Rick Outzen has been relentless in trying to go after the Mayor's staff since Asmar was removed from his position at City Hall.  Remember "Bloggergate" when the City PIO was reprimanded for blogging anonymously. He stated he was instructed by his superior to blog. 

Well, Outzen and Travis Peterson exchanged emails where Travis shares with Outzen some emails that clearly indicate that Outzen's boy Asmar was directing both Cosson and Peterson to respond to blog posts as far back as 2011.

On December 5, 2011, Asmar instructs Peterson:


You and Derek should respond to any blog posts regarding the same so that a statement doesn’t go unchallenged.

John F. Asmar,
Chief of Staff

This email copies Cosson, Reynolds, Hayward and Messer.  It appears they all knew Asmar was the director of the blogging campaigns.

Travis Peterson's email to Outzen also was interesting in that it:

  • came from press@ashtonhayward.com in March of 2013
  • Discusses conversations between Outzen and "Quint" regarding the "blog stuff".  Quint who?
Then Peterson whips out the veiled threat "As far as I'm concerned, I have no ax to grind....(as long as he doesn't try to mess with my projects!)"

His strong arming continues "But, after Jeremy's call Friday I did my own little email search and came up with this. It clearly exists on City servers, and although it doesn't mention anything about anonymous posts, it says just enough about blogs and is a directive from John.

"Just saying, I think a lesson was learned by our young friend at City Hall. Nobody wins if this keeps going the direction it's going, and I think going down this path opens the door for a lot of other stuff that isn't good for the City, John, or anyone."


Peterson lets Outzen know that he should back off or his boy John is gonna get in trouble.

And Travis you were right in that it does exist on City servers!  Asmar busted.  Outzen busted.

I'll be reviewing the Asmar Weekly and Rick's blog for the apology.  Holding my breath.

You go Travis!  You should be on the POWER LIST!

More Asmar/Hayward Home Cookin' at City Hall

I came across another fine example of taking care of friends and business associates by the Hayward Administration.

Former Chief of Staff John Asmar has a private law practice and was only a contractor to the City.  His business office is located at 1306 East Cervantes.


Asmar maintained an office there throughout his tenure with the City.  The building is owned by a local CPA, John Pharr, who previously maintained his office there before moving into East Pensacola Heights.


Mr. Pharr also owns a business that places display monitors that show advertisements for local businesses in businesses such as the Apple Market.


Mr. Pharr wanted to place his monitors in City facilities such as the airport and the Roger Scott Complex.

On May 21, 2012, the City entered into an agreement with EDN to allow such services at the airport and Roger Scott Complex without checking the rules regarding contracts at the airport.


There is your home cooking.

This is where it gets a little odd.  Evidently something happened because the City issued a RFP 12-035 for the AIRPORT Advertising Concession.  The RFP had a pre-proposal meeting on May 31, 2012, which is after the EDN contract was signed with responses due by July 12, 2012.


Mr. Pharr began using all of his contacts to press the city to give him the work including contacting Councilman Brian Spencer which is prohibited by City purchasing ordinance.

Prohibited Conduct by Bidders: Upon the publication of any solicitation for sealed bids, requests for proposals,requests for qualifications, or other solicitation of interest or invitation to negotiate by any authorized representative of the City of Pensacola, any party interested in submitting a bid, proposal, or other response reflecting an interest in participating in the purchasing or contracting process shall be prohibited from engaging in any communication pertaining to formal solicitations with any member of Pensacola City Council or any member of a selection/evaluation committee for RFQs, whether directly or indirectly or through any representative or agent, whether in person, by mail, by facsimile, by telephone, by electronic communications device, or by any other means of communication, until such time as the City has completed all action with respect to the solicitation.


Ultimately the contract was let to Departure Media at greater revenues to the airport than offered by EDN.


Did someone at the City stand up to the Mayor's machine and make them behave?

More to come.