Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Asmar Weekly Late Inquiry

I received a copy of a email from the Asmar Weekly to Derek Cosson, PIO, asking for public records concerning their boy John Asmar's alleged harassment of a City staffer.

For those that don't recall, I wasn't sure whether Asmar was on Outzen's staff based on various emails between them.


On March 6, I shared that John Asmar, the Mayor's Chief of Staff had been allegedly harassing the Staff.  I even sent most of the documents directly to jeremy morrison.


Well despite the fact that I posted all of the information he needed and even sent it to him, jeremy morrison, aka lower case morrison, attempted to use his inside track to get the info from PIO Derek Cosson despite the fact he had made a public records request through the Clerk's Office.

lower case inquiry

Since this inquiry the Inweekly has covered this story in depth!!  Not!
Has anyone noticed a change in the Asmar Weekly's love for the Mayor since their inside boy got goned from City Hall?

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Did he get a response??