Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Asmar Weekly Late Inquiry

I received a copy of a email from the Asmar Weekly to Derek Cosson, PIO, asking for public records concerning their boy John Asmar's alleged harassment of a City staffer.

For those that don't recall, I wasn't sure whether Asmar was on Outzen's staff based on various emails between them.


On March 6, I shared that John Asmar, the Mayor's Chief of Staff had been allegedly harassing the Staff.  I even sent most of the documents directly to jeremy morrison.


Well despite the fact that I posted all of the information he needed and even sent it to him, jeremy morrison, aka lower case morrison, attempted to use his inside track to get the info from PIO Derek Cosson despite the fact he had made a public records request through the Clerk's Office.

lower case inquiry

Since this inquiry the Inweekly has covered this story in depth!!  Not!
Has anyone noticed a change in the Asmar Weekly's love for the Mayor since their inside boy got goned from City Hall?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Nice Article on Justin Beck...but in Full Disclosure

Beck Property Company, LLC (“BPC”) has been retained by Gannett Company, Inc. (GCI) on an exclusive basis to offer qualified investors an opportunity to acquire the ±5.85 acre tract of land and improvements known as the Pensacola News Journal site in the heart of Downtown Pensacola. This offering represents a rare opportunity to acquire a highly visible site that is ideal for office, retail, hotel, multi-family, and/or medical development.

The Property

The property consists of ±5.85 acres of land with ±89,160 SqFt of improvements. The property is currently headquarters for the Pensacola News Journal (PNJ), a subsidiary of Gannet Company, Inc.

PNJ business operations and staff occupy the ±40,000 SqFt office building. The ±49,160 SqFt warehouse was the former PNJ printing press area. This function has since been consolidated to a site in Mobile, AL. The printing press space is specific to that function with multiple stories, printing areas, storage areas, loading docks, and large roll up doors. The excess land spreads over the adjoining 1.5 city blocks consists of parking lots and loading areas.

The property is located one block from the historic retail and restaurant corridor of Palafox Place and one block from the historic Seville residential high density neighborhood providing an exceptional opportunity for a true mixed use development.

The property is available for purchase at $4,250,000

Friday, April 26, 2013

Maybe they never discussed business in all that time they spend together


But remember a "Special Friend" has a key to the palace.

List of "Special Friends"

William Merrill Not Related to THE Merrills Who are Making Millions off of Rebuild's Federal Government Grants

I got a call from a PR Representative this morning who represents Rebuild.  She explained that William Merrill who is on the Rebuild Board is not related to the Merrill business that received $4.8 million of the $8.3 million in Federal Government Grants and other Fees from the Not for Profit.

The mailer was the Mayor's idea. 

The representative did not address the Mayor's Ethics violation.

Questions That Must Be Asked:

Is the Mayor subject to his own Code of Ethics?  Yes or no?  See hint below


Official or employee means any elected or appointed official or employee of the city, whether paid or unpaid, and includes all members of a board, body, advisory board, council, commission, agency, department, district, administration, division, bureau, committee, or subcommittee of the city. Official or employee means any elected or appointed official or employee of the city, whether paid or unpaid, and includes all members of a board, body, advisory board, council, commission, agency, department, district, administration, division, bureau, committee, or subcommittee of the city. This definition includes members of council and the mayor.

Did he publicly endorse a product or service in any manner that associates that official or employee with the City of Pensacola?  See hint below


Is that letterhead?
Is city hall located at 222 West Main Street?
Is that the city's website at www.cityofpensacola.com?
Does it say Mayor, City of Pensacola under his signature?
Does he not state "I hope you will take advantage of the low cost improvements offered by Rebuild Northwest Florida"?
Does he not pimp Rebuilds website and phone number in his letter?

Cut and dried!

Aunt Ginny's Mullet Wrapper...Crickets!

But both had plenty to say about Fred Gunther who is NOT subject to the City's Code of Ethics.

Now here is the enforcement provision of the City Code of Ethics.

Enforcement of the remaining provisions of this code of ethics shall be enforced by the mayor, if violated by any employee of the City of Pensacola, and by the city council to the extent authorized by law if violated by the mayor or any member of council. Any violation of this Code may be subject to a penalty imposed by the city council or the mayor, as applicable, at their discretion.

Will Council do their jobs?  Now that is the question.

Pensacola....Where we do what we damn well please because no one will hold us accountable.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

RO! I hear you but I don't belieeeeeeve you!

-------- Original Message --------

Subject: Mayor Endorses Company
From: Maren DeWeese
To: pcwu@cityofpensacola.com, aterhaar@cityofpensacola.com, mpratt@cityofpensacola.com,
cbare@cityofpensacola.com, gwingate@cityofpensacola.com, jcannadawynn@cityofpensacola.com,
ljohnson@cityofpensacola.com, smyers@cityofpensacola.com, bspencer@cityofpensacola.com , Nate Monroe nmonroe@pnj.com, Rick Outzen rick@inweekly.net, news@weartv.com, Rob@newsradio1620.com, ggraybiel@pnj.com,dschneider@pnj.com,TNINESTI@pensacol.gannett.com, Diane Mack dianepmack@gmail.com, Ann Regan annwregan@gmail.com

I included Outzen but I'm sure his "sole power over all editorial and business operations of the Independent News" stops at investigating his business partner per his blog.

Ricks Inweekly.net  About Us page states "We aim to tell the story behind the stories in politics, music, arts and entertainment that others only cover superficially. There are no sacred cows at the Independent News – which is why local politicians, bureaucrats and powerbrokers fear us so much."

Be brave Rick!  Post the truth!  You were quick to take a shot at Fred Gunther. This is clearer.  The Mayor is clearly subject to his OWN code of Ethics right?

2.Rick Outzen says:

April 19, 2013 at 8:17 am


The CMPA was an invention of former City Manager Tom Bonfield to deflect the politics that had entrapped the city with his first proposal for the waterfront property –a new city auditorium and festival park. He recruited three principals for the CMPA – Adm. Jack Fetterman (maritime museum), UWF President John Cavanaugh (UWF conference center) and Quint Studer (co-owner Pelicans baseball team).

Fetterman died before the park referendum passed, was replaced by Vince Whibbs, who also suddenly died of a heart attack. Eventually the museum group asked Judge Lacey Collier to be its representative on the CMPA. Once the referendum passed, Cavanaugh and Studer resigned. They appointed a fairly diverse board – Coller (chair), Collier Merrill, Hugh King, Katie White, Susan Story, Dr. Jimmy Jones, John Merting, Dick Baker, Eddie Todd and Juanita Scott.

Up until 2010 (or 2009), the CMPA board voted on board replacements and kept the board diverse. Then the city council decided it should have two members and they took over all appointments. Brian Spencer and Larry Johnson replaced Bentina Terry and Grace McCafferty. The council eventually expanded the board to regain diversity.

As far as any financial interests in our paper, Collier Merrill is an investor in my paper and has been since its inception. By contract, I have sole power over all editorial and business operations of the Independent News. The paper has endorsed Barack Obama twice and John Kerry in the last three presidential elections and Alex Sink in the 2010 governor’s race —Mr. Merrill is solidly Republican and heavily supported other candidates.

If you have any issues with the reporting or positions of my paper or blog, you have no one to blame but me.

UPDATED: Does Hayward Violate another Ethics Code?

I received the below in the mail yesterday.  Did you get one?

  • Letterhead of the City
  • Official capacity of the Mayor
  • Paid for by the Sender
City of Pensacola Code of Ethics

Official or employee means any elected or appointed official or employee of the city, whether paid or unpaid, and includes all members of a board, body, advisory board, council, commission, agency, department, district, administration, division, bureau, committee, or subcommittee of the city. This definition includes members of council and the mayor.

(k) No official or employee in his or her official capacity may publicly endorse products or services in any manner that associates that official or employee with the City of Pensacola.

When will City Council hold the Mayor accountable for his actions?

I am doing some research into the Rebuild operation.  Anyone want to guess what names are involved there?



Now to see who the Rebuild approved contractors are.  This may be a not for profit but the profit is in the contractor's and individual deals (ie CMPA)

Guess who is doing the City's legal work in these projects even using the City's PO Box.  Is it Jim Messer, the City Attorney?  No, that would be his job. 


Didn't he leave the City employ?  Guess so he could represent the City in private practice at private practice rates.

So here is the Rebuild tax return.


Items to note:
  • Total revenues from US Federal Govt grants and other fees of $8,322,000
  • William Merrill works 40 hrs per week for the Company for $10,904 per year.
  • A Company named RE Reece PA did $ 4,784,000 in contractor work in the year
So here is the undeniable proof of the relationship.  Who owns RE Reece PA?

R E Reece Department of State Filing

That's right, James C. Merrill.

And that folks is how the Mayor and Pensacola works.  All for one and one for all!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Peeling the Onion

Last week I spent 4 hours reviewing the invoices for various line item accounts within the CMPA construction costs.  What I found was interesting.  CMPA had a contract with Magi Construction for the construction of the CMP.  Obviously, Magi could not construct all aspects of the park so as individual disciplines were needed subcontracts were issued. 

This is where it got interesting.  In many cases, the subcontractor would sub-subcontract activities within the scope of their subcontract to other entities.

All invoices were appear to have been paid directly by the City not the subcontractor.

  1. CMPA
    1. Magi
      1. Executive Landscaping
        1. Jerry Pate Turf

I am trying to get my hands around this process and will be posting documents over the next few days.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Hayward Violates his own Code of Ethics in Allowing "Special Friends" Access

City of Pensacola Code of Ethics

(g) An official or employee of the City of Pensacola may not, directly or indirectly, treat anyone, including himself or herself and his or her family or business associates, preferentially or in any other manner that is not generally accorded to city residents.

  1. Hayward violated this section of the Code of Ethics when he issued access cards to "Special Friends" that are not available to city residents.
  2. Hayward violated this section of the Code of Ethics when he requires city residents to sign in at the front desk and "Special Friends" do not have to register.
  3. Hayward violated this section of the Code of Ethics when he denies direct access to City Hall by city residents but "Special Friends" have access unimpeded.
Council has the obligation to enforce the Code of Ethics in matters involving the Mayor.  Hold your breath.

List of Special Friends

Who are the Mayor's "Special Friends"?

I had heard that the Mayor has some "special friends".  A special friend is a normal citizen (not a city employee or city contractor) that has a City Hall access card.

As part of Mayor Hayward's transparency initiative, he closed City Hall access to everyone.  In order to visit any department at City Hall, visitors must sign in at the front desk, state where they are going and are issued a badge that operates the elevator to only the floor they need to access.

But Mayor friends are special.  They have access badges issued to them that allow them to access the building without signing in or being announced by the guard.

I requested a list of all "special friends".  I will be posting them later today.  Til then feel free to guess who the Mayor's special friends are.

Some feelings are bound to be hurt because some of the Mayor's BFFs aren't on the list. 


Friday, April 12, 2013

The Concession Building is Vacant and Tech Park Jobs Drop

Issue 3

Plaza de Luna / Palafox Pier.
Completion of the concession and restroom facility in 2009 and ongoing events in the park has greatly enhanced the park's use and activity along the waterfront and has supported visiting ships docked at the park. This increase in activity has been further enhanced with the restaurant operating in the vacant space adjacent to the park. Several tall sailing ships, a cruise ship, and research vessel visited Plaza de Luna in 2012, drawing visitors from throughout the area to downtown Pensacola.

Issue 4

Tech Park

2011 Report

The $2 million infrastructure project at the Technology Park was completed in 2011, and parking facilities are currently under construction. The PEDC is aggressively marketing the technology site. Upon full build out, 1,000 new high-wage jobs are estimated.

2012 Report

The $2 million infrastructure project at the Technology Park was completed in 2011, and parking facilities are currently under construction. The PEDC is aggressively marketing the technology site. Upon full build out, 750 new high-wage jobs are estimated.

1) Construction has been done for a while
2) We lost 250 jobs for the site in a year

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Barker either Slower than a Glacier or doesn't read his Bond Holder Reports

Issue 2

The cash management section of the Report to Bondholders details how the City manges it funds.

In FY 2010, the Bond Holders report cash management section stated:

The City has adopted a formal Investment Policy (Appendix B) which is currently under review.

In FY 2011, the Bond Holders report cash management section stated:

The City has adopted a formal Investment Policy (Appendix B) which is currently under review.

In FY 2012, the Bond Holders report cash management section stated:

The City has adopted a formal Investment Policy (Appendix B) which is currently under review.

See link below


Would you rate a City's bonds higher or lower if either it was taking them 3 years to review an investment policy or the statement reflected that the CFO was just changing dates and amounts and printing the same thing as last year?

Is the City's auditor reviewing this stuff before it goes out?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

City Spokesman Derek Cosson to a taxpayer about a sitting Councilperson

This was requested by a reader. In September 2012, Ctiy Spokeman Derek Cosson had the below exchange with a Citizen.  I was a sitting Council member and he made the following statements directly about me and my concerns I was expressing in my capacity as a sitting member of Council.

Outzen outed Cosson for making blog statements under aliases and he got a letter of reprimand from Bill Reynolds.

I provided direct proof of Derek Cosson IN HIS OWN NAME AND CAPACITY AS A CITY OFFICIAL claiming that a Council person was providing misinformation, slander and inaccuracies. 

What did Reynolds do?

That's right..........Crickets!

CAO Reynolds, why was Cosson not reprimanded for the statements below?

More to follow.


From: Derek Cosson

Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 6:57 PM
Subject: Re:

Ms. ,

I have not reviewed every item in that blog, but when I have seen it there have been no facts, only misinformation, slander, inaccuracies, etc.

I can not speak to her request as it was not made of me and I have not been involved with it.

There are travel line items in the budget, yes, but that's not what WEAR asked for. They asked for actual expenses which requires reviewing the various records I mentioned previously.

Regarding your question about the Chief of Staff, my understanding is that he is not required to file any such form.

It is sad that people are getting caught up in this manufactured, artificial drama instead of focusing on positive forward movement.

On Sep 12, 2012 5:55 PM, "" wrote:

1)what facts are she incorrect about?
2) why hasnt her request for documents of expenditures from august been complied with? why aren't all city expenditures simply on line"
3) cetainly there is a "travel" line item in the city budget that can be readily printed out listing all checks and payments..I am incorrect?? perhaps I could ask escambia county to confirm?
4) why has the chief of staff not filed a financilal disclosure if the "City under the current administration is more than at any point in the past"??? Is there something to hide??

You know I have always dealt from a position of openness and good faith. I have no axe to grind...just want honesty


From: Derek Cosson
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 4:46 PM
Subject: Re:

Ms. DeWeese's blog is a not a very good source if you are looking for facts.

The records in question were not simply in some easily accessible file labeled "overseas travel." WEAR asked for all costs associated with overseas travel by any city officials (including those no longer with the City) over a four-year timeframe. That required an extensive review of checks, invoices, and other documents by our finance staff, all while they are working on budget issues.

As you know, the statute does not define a "reasonable" timeframe, but given the expansive nature of the request, I do not believe that 5 business days was an unreasonable amount of time.

While there is much room for improvement, I wholeheartedly believe I understand and welcome any suggestions from you or anyone else on areas for improvement.

My best,

On Sep 12, 2012 4:29 PM, "" wrote:

Dear Mr. Cosson

I have been keeping up with city issues on Ms Deweese's blog. I had hoped that your presence in the City's administration would serve as a good check on poor decision making. I must say that I am very disappointed that you have failed to maintain your prior reputation of openness and honesty.

Why would it take you more than an hour to pull up the computer records requested?

Are you being given the full autority to do your jjob as you feel it should be done?

FY 2012 Report to Bondholders Full with Errors

Setting a new low mark in leisure reading, I was reading the FY 2012 Report to Bondholders (RTB) issued by the City of Pensacola.

Now maybe its just me, but if bond rating agencies were downgrading my bonds right and left, I would spend a little more time reviewing what I was telling them about the City.

Issue Number 1

The RTB includes a summary of the the City's investment policy.  In the investment policy, the following statement is made:

Repurchase agreements shall only be entered into with the City’s primary depository, First Union National Bank, which is also identified as a qualified public depository.

Surplus funds are being invested in a First Union product entitled "Public Funds Now".

Can anyone point me to a First Union Bank? 

Found this at Wells Fargo Site


First Union merges

On September 1, 2001, First Union and Wachovia merged to create the leading retail bank presence on the East Coast and the fifth-largest full-service retail broker-dealer in the United States.

The new company was named Wachovia Corporation. As of December 31, 2001, it held assets totaling $330 billion and stockholders’ equity totaling $28 billion.

In 2008, Wells Fargo & Company acquired Wachovia Corporation, including First Union.


The investment policy was updated for the new form of government.  As Council president in 2011, I brought the investment policy up and the First Union notation specifically.  Barker stated he would bring an updated policy back to Council.


More issues coming...this is pretty bad.  I bet Wall Street thinks we are a joke.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ordinance Not Violated...Mayor's Discretion on DROP employees

Sec. 9-5-138. - Continued service upon conclusion of DROP.

Notwithstanding any other provision in the Code of the City of Pensacola, Florida, to the contrary, employees holding unclassified positions pursuant to authorized employment contracts with the mayor may continue to render such service to the city upon the conclusion of their participation in the deferred retirement option plan (DROP) of the General Pension and Retirement Fund, subject to the approval of the mayor as reflected in a written contract providing for same. Such contracts may be amended, modified or terminated from time to time at the discretion of the mayor.

Reynold's Calls Out the "Black Helicopter Crowd"

In his introduction to the Mayor's proposed supreme control over selection, negotiation and disposal of city property, CAO Reynolds stated "that the black helicopter crowd was stirring things up a bit"

Mr. Reynold's, not only do black helicopters exist,  I might able to round up a few of those black helicopter folks.


Barker's Employment Beyond DROP date violates City Ordinance?

DROP election. DROP election means the establishment of a date upon which the employee intends to terminate his/her employment with the City of Pensacola. The date is established through the irrevocable completion of a DROP election form to be submitted to the DROP administrator. Following the submission of a DROP election, the employee's employment with the city cannot exceed sixty (60) months in duration, although employees may terminate employment with the city at any time prior to the termination date indicated on the DROP election form.

(Ord. No. 46-99, § 2, 11-18-99)

Length of participation. An employee shall be entitled to only one (1) DROP election for each applicable defined benefit pension plan in which the employee is a participant and for which the employee satisfies the criteria of subsection 9-9-3(b).  Once made, a DROP election is irrevocable. An eligible employee may elect to participate in the DROP for a period not to exceed sixty (60) months commencing upon the date on which the employee enters the DROP.

Do ordinances apply to our Mayor and his CFO or did the charter change that also?

By the way, the DROP administrator should take action.  Oh, the DROP administrator is Dick Barker.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Humor alert!

In November, the Mayor's staff was concerned that the Mayor's photo may have reflected a bit of a double chin.


I have obtained a photo of the Mayor which COULD be the cause of their concern.  I have not confirmed that this is indeed the photo they are referring too.  Now I understand the concern.

Hayward's Own Brain Drain

Mayor Hayward often talks about our City's ability to ATTRACT and RETAIN talent here in our City.  This is an issue, however, the Mayor seems to have more problems himself than most.  Below is a summary of his hirings, firings and retirements in his two years and three months.

Higher Level (but we don't call them directors)
  • Travis Peterson (Contractor)  Hired but left.....Asmar
  • Cynthia Williams (Sustainability)  Hired but left....Asmar
  • Melinda Crawford (Airport) Incumbent that left...better job
  • Pam Childers (Finance) Incumbent that left...better job
  • Al Coby (Administration) Incumbent that retired
  • Rusty Wells (Attorney) Incumbent that retired but back as a contractor
  • David Flaherty (Parks and Rec) Incumbent that left...better job
  • John Asmar (Contractor)  Hired but left...Alleged harassment
  • MaryAnne Stalcup (HR) Incumbent but fired...got better job
  • Al Garza (Public Works) Incumbent that retired...job passed down like inheritance
  • Thadeus Cohen (CRA) Incumbent but fired
  • Becky Bray (CRA) Replaced Cohen but fired
  • Susan Wolfe (City Attorney) Moved to Police left for County
  • Gene Fisher (Library) Incumbent but retired
  • Pat Hubbard (Housing) Incumbent but retired
  • Ryan Winterberg-Lipp (CRA) Hired but leaving...Personal reasons
Am I forgeting anyone?

However, CFO Dick Barker's DROP ended last June but he is as snug as a bug in a rug! HMMM?

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Economic Development Mayor Scoreboard

Scripps Fish Hatchery - Emergency Meeting of Council.................................Crickets
Pen Air Credit Union - City forgave $80,000 in debt to make happen............Cancelled
Hixardt Deal - Extension, Extension, Extension..............................................Cancelled
Project High Hat - Special Meeting of Council Scheduled..............................Cancelled
ST Aerospace - Leaked deal to Reuters in New York...................................Crickets
Candy Company - Hundreds of jobs in downtown.........................................Crickets

But we did get a new fire boat!!

Hope that boat can squirt water into District 3 and 4 for Station 3 since he has done nothing to repair the building.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Council...You will recall

Barker Heaps on the Detail for Council

City Council refused to pass the mid-year supplemental budget resolution adjusting ESP downward by 25% ($13.5 million) and the Airport by $1.8 million until CFO Dick Barker provided them with more detail of the changes.

Barker went way above and beyond the call of duty.  I have detailed out the additional documentantion below.


Why can't Barker be as transparent as his Boss claims he is and show the citizens the accounts he wants to change?

Must be something to hide!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reynolds is Misleading Council

The COW agenda is out for next week. 

As I predicted, an agenda item included is the policy for disposal of surplus property.  As I noted in a previous post the Mayor wants supreme and omnipotent authority to declare ANY City property but the Port and Airport surplus and unilaterally negotiate a deal. 

See previous post  Reynolds Disposal Proposal

What Reynolds does in the formal recommendation is one of the most egregious acts I have ever seen a staff member perform.

He makes the recommendation to Council and then attaches what is classified as Amended Policy for Disposition of City Owned Real Property. (Notice Proposed is NOT in the Title as it should be)

What he doesn't do is provide Council with the policy currently in place redlined to show the proposed changes.  (Yet staff took the time to do just that for a Parks and Recreation Board issue also on the agenda)

But the biggest absolute No-No is to present the PROPOSED AMENDED POLICY looking as if it is already approved with all of the previous Council actions and Resolutions at the top of nothing more than a Proposal.

Dr. Cox should never have allowed this item to be presented as it is.  Council should have ALL information including the current policy and redlined proposed changes.


Who is looking out for the Citizens?  I am for City Council remaining a check and balance determining which properties can be offered and what method will be used.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hayward and Barker Answer In Veto Lawsuit


You will need this in order to see what they admit and deny.


Hayward's Laser Beam Focus on What's Important

November 26, 2012
  • The Port deal (High Hat) has tanked.
  • A new Council was being seated.
  • Shootings almost every day in the streets.
  • Chief of Staff allegedly harassing his staff
What is the Mayor and his staff focused on:  Double Chins, bubbles on the Swave, and new logo truck wraps.

In the email exchange below between Tamara Fountain and Zimmerman Agency. Fountain states the following:

"I do not like the shadow under his chin.  It makes him look like he has a double chin.  Can we eliminate that?"

"I spoke with the Mayor regarding the logo.  He does want the bubbles removed from around the sun in the swave.  He also wants a slight line between the sun and the wave to mirror the break in the font."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  He is too busy to attend Council meetings but he can stop to discuss bubbles in the logo and a slight line between the sun and the wave

This would be funny if we weren't paying him $100,000 per year and Fountain who knows what. 

OUR tax dollars at work.


As an aside, notice Fountain also uses her husband's law firm email account rather than a City account. Wonder what has gone to this account that is not recorded for public records?

Monday, April 1, 2013

ESP to Dip into Savings

Oops!  ESP (Energy Services of Pensacola) is not doing well.  CFO Barker overbudgeted demand for gas as part of the budget and now ESP will have to dip $1.25 million into fund balance (savings) in order to still make the $8 million transfer to the City of Pensacola General Fund.

Barker missed his ESP revenue budget by 25% (yes 25%) and then tried to shooby doo the Council into whitewashing the miss by approving an oh by the way supplemental budget resolution (literary whisper).

Thank you Council for not passing the resolution until you get a few more answers!

A few questions:
  • How do you miss by 25%?
  • Should we expect to decrease the annual transfer in future budgets?
  • Why do you insist on trying to sneak stuff by Council Mr. Barker?
  • Providing the detail to Councilman Bare as he enters the committee room is politics by ambush isnt it?

Remington Responds With Facts

Scott Remington has responded to the Kerrigan attack on the Blue Wahoos and Quint Studer regarding the Maritime Park.

Remington Responds

At the root of alot of this discontent, is the simple fact that UWF reneged on its commitment.  Why does UWF get a pass from all concerned?  If a developer reneged like UWF reneged they would be run out of town on a rail.

By the way, this week is opening week for baseball.  I can't wait.

Visit the UWF Maritime Museum (the "Turf") before the game, they have a new exhibit entitled "Grass Parking"  I hear its awe inspiring.