Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Port of Pensacola's Strong 2010


The Port of Pensacola had a very strong 2010. We paid all our bills and put some money in the bank. In a pretty bleak financial year for the City as a whole, we are proud that the Port was able to provide a bright spot.

Following items are taken directly from the Director of Finance's Quarterly report…

“Port operating revenues of $1,854,400 exceeded expenses of $1,680,500 at fiscal year end by $173,900.”

“At the beginning of Fiscal Year 2010 the Port reserve was $244,000 and increased by $309,300 at the end of Fiscal Year 2010 for a total balance of $553,300.”

By the Numbers: Offshore Inland data in Oct. 2010 press release...
• 2000 ft of deep water access,
• 9 acres of available fabrication and project lay-down area,
• Over 100,000 sq ft of covered warehouse,
• Large electrical power on site,
• Large selection of cranes and handling equipment,
• Large available workforce,
• One block off of major interstate,
• Closer to the Mobile Sea buoy then Downtown Mobile


We are looking forward to more of the same successes in 2011.