Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fire Department...Nothing Ever Changes!

Below is a link to the Streeter lawsuit against the City.

This will get even more interesting when the circumstances around the promotion of Edward Dees are investigated and brought out.  My sources tell me the process for him was unprecedented in the history of the Fire Department.  Curious when he is a key ingredient in the ongoing lawsuit with the Fire Chiefs.

I'm digging.  Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Wow! City Funnies, We just can't help ourselves!

In his weekly "interview" with Andrew Tallman on AM1620 FM 92.3, the Mayor went after Quint Studer regarding his opposition to the fish hatchery at Bruce Beach.  The Mayor actually called Studer's opposition to the hatchery CHILDISH.

Other Statements:

  • "The hatchery will draw other businesses in the sector to the area."  What businesses, fish poop processors, fish food processors?
  • "The hatchery will draw people to the waterfront."  For what? You have to win a grant to have any amenities added to the project.
  • "The hatchery will enhance our position as a sportsfishing destination."  What? Really?  Little bitty fishing poles and little baby nets.
  • Opposition to the hatchery "is very bizarre to me"

"It's sad if we are going to have one person control everything in our community"

"Its Childish!"
"Its Petty!"

Well then Mayor, is NAIOP childish and petty?  Good luck running against Grover if you call NAIOP childish and petty.

While we are on it, the Governor doesn't care where we put it.

Moving on.  Congrats to Cat Country for winning SMALL Market radio station of the year.
SMALL MARKET?  What?  Pensacola is a small market?  Good thing we have a small minded Mayor!

Pensacola is a buy Mr. Mayor!  If you are looking to downsize to a smaller market!

Monday, November 6, 2017

The Pulse Flatlines__________________________

The moral authority in Pensacola is no more.  For all their efforts to be big boys, Derek and Drew couldn't make it work evidently.

According to the Florida Secretary of State's site, Pulse Gulf Coast LLC  has been dissolved!

The Pulse Flatlines

Drew's acute business acumen also appears to have waned as his pedicab company also is dissolved.

Hope he doesn't hit anyone with that thing.  Can you say personal liability??

Stop the Pedals!

If they hit me, I'm going to get Kerrigan as my attorney, that way his contingency fee can go toward paying him back for supporting those two zany kids in their evidently failed endeavor.

Sorry guys!  I guess it was good while it lasted.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Free Hatchery to Cost the City

My recent review of the hatchery permitting and plans uncovered a previously undisclosed fact.


Based on the permit review that the project failed, item number 22 states:

"Reconstruction of Clubbs Street to comply with City Standard Street Reconstruction Detail.  Detail attached to this document.

R:  The intent of the Clubbs Street improvements was to provide some rehabilitation of the existing pavement.  The FBC has met with City Administration discussing some improvements to Clubbs Street and for the City to absorb the cost of rehabilitation."

Hold the phone!  Its not a free project if we have to pay for it!

R continues:  It is our current understanding that the City may not have the funding available for this rehabilitation.  If City funding is not available, the FWC may choose to remove these improvements from the plan set.

So...the free, useless hatchery will actually end up costing the Citizens how much?

Hatchery Time Line

As with most issues we are seeing Mayor Wayward's complete lack of concern for process...a timeline speaks volumes as to how things have gone so wrong.

Recently I visited the City Permitting Department to inspect ALL plans & documents contained with in permit #17-02-0258.  Mr. Weeks was out for the day yet the permitting department was in good hands during his absence. I was met with professional & courteous staff that were helpful during my review of public records.  

The Official name of the project is Gulf Coast Marine Fisheries Hatchery / Enhancement Center

17-02-0258 was issued for 7 acres...presumably for the building site.

Sam Marshall is Architect of Record
BDI is Engineer of Record

Previously posted permit issued on 2/13/17

A permit number was assigned upon receipt of the civil engineering & building plans.  Review began immediately for the plans as well as  review date stamps for the following:

Plumbing: K Burg 2/16/17
Mechanical : K Lupton 2/22/17
Electrical:  Whitmire 2/21/17

Engineering Review was also completed  and FAILED on 2/21/17 by Brad Hinote.  Resubmission was received 10/18/17.

DEP documents reflect Permit Issuance Date: March 22, 2017
Permit Construction Phase Expiration Date March 21, 2022

Environmental Resource Permit- Granted
State-owned Submerged Lands Authorization - Not Required.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Authorization - Separate Corps Authorization Required.

Escambia County Permit #0351411-001-EI/17

Florida DEP
Pearce Barrett NRPA Project Coordinator

The City Staff timeline reflects immediate and complete review,  only FWC and Mayor Hayward can speak to the long gap in between.  The Mayor often cites his "Real Estate background" yet the management of this and other contracts speaks to his failure to manage deadlines and his complete lack of attention to detail.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hayward on the Hatchery Lease...Castille says its a Better Deal than the Maritime Park

Rick Outzen asks the Mayor if the Fish Hatchery is the best use of the Bruce Beach property.  Ther Mayor says maybe not but its something.

Then Colleen Castille tells Outzen the Fish Hatchery is a better deal for the City than the Maritime Park.

"At least we are getting $1 a year.  That's $299,999 more than we are getting for the Maritime Park"

At least the Wahoos in the stadium don't need a settlement pond for their poo!


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hayward Document Quotes on New Stinky Fish Hatchery

From documents on the City's Fish Hatchery "Transparency Page".  Its in black and white so no excuses for anyone now.

  • Building a wetland to filter nutrients, return clean water to the bay, and supply plants for future habitat restoration projects.
  • Conceptual site design includes indoor facility, stormwater ponds, storage pond for solids settling out, and treatment marsh.
  • Marsh and settlement ponds could be incorporated into the site usage with a boardwalk.
  • Waste removal: Round tanks with bottom-center drains concentrate waste. Fish waste includes solid waste, liquid waste (NH3), and gas waste (CO2).
  • Round tanks “self-clean” and are well-mixed. Rotational current around tank (primary current) affects radial flow (secondary current). Radial current transports wastes to center drain. Rotational flow dependent on water pumping rate.
  • Tank height and diameter ratio affects waste transport; about 3:1 height to diameter ratio is ideal. More fish produce more waste and need larger reconditioning systems. Amount of fish directs waste management plan. Waste removed continuously through mechanical pumping or biological removal, and solid waste filters that separate solids from water.
  • Solid waste removal: Filters are efficient at removing particles from water. Foam fractionators can remove very small particles.
  • Liquid waste removal: Fish produce ammonia (NH3) as liquid waste, which is toxic. Nitrifying bacteria use ammonia as food (nitrification).
  • NO3 is minimally toxic, used by marsh plants and anaerobic bacteria.

    • Nitrifiers grow in water, but need surface to adhere to and need a “biological filter.” Vessel/tank biofilter packed with highly porous material for nitrifying bacteria to colonize.
    • Gas waste (CO2) respired through gills, a fish metabolic end product. Negative effects on fish health if excess carbon dioxide acidifies the water. Forced gas ventilation of water with a “degassing box” increases gas exchange efficiency. Laminar flow passes water across trays and forces ambient air across the water and carries out the CO2.
    • Pumps (0.25-5 horsepower) are required to transport water and wastes.
      • High energy demand.
      • One-phase power or three-phase power.
      • Larger tanks with more fish require larger pumps, larger pipes, longer distance from tanks to filtration system, and more energy.

  • A large amount of O2 is critical to produce juvenile fish. High tech filtration works 24 hours a day. Largest water source, largest biomass, and largest amount of waste.
  • Wastewater management plan for tanks and also for discharge.

    • Solids, nitrogen, and approved chemicals for parasite removal if necessary.

  • Solids removed from effluent by ponds or tanks used to settle waste to the bottom or filtration systems that use concentration and remove waste to a drying area, then to a landfill.
  • For removing nitrate: 1) anaerobic bacteria nitrification, 2) marsh plants are a proven method with environmental benefits, or 3) sewer for specific small volume discharges only; depends on city, county and state permits required. An injection well is not a preferred method.

  • Just what we need downtown! 

    Hayward's legacy! The Prince of POO!