Friday, May 26, 2017

Post Mayoral Jobs for Mayor Hayward

I know the discussion has been on if Mayor Hayward will run for a third term or not.  As he is making the decision, I wanted to offer him some possible careers after Mayor based on some of his accomplishments as Mayor.

  • Director of Governmental Business Development at Beggs & Lane - working with politicians to show them how to generate needless litigation for B&L to handle.
  • Director of Business Development at Roads, Inc. - working with cities to see the genius behind paving every street in the City spending all of the potential street money for over a decade into the future because once it is done no road work will be needed for a decade...right?
  • Chico's model - Hey, he's in the last catalog half a dozen times anyway. Make it official!
  • Executive Director, Pensacola DIB - Hey, he's single handedly responsible for reshaping downtown and has been Peacock's whipping boy for years anyway.  
  • Public Image Officer, City of Pensacola - Just keep sending him to make speeches, appear at photo ops, cut ribbons, and schmooze for a whole lot less.
  • Fire Chief - Allen is retiring.  Hayward knows as much about fighting fires as Allen does. 
  • Partner, Redfish Harbour - He had this job for 5 years prior to office, development still has NOT ONE HOUSE.  After eight years, that job is still available.  After all he is a real estate developer.
  • Chief Model - Laura Bogan Photography - He has perfected this roll over eight years.  The commercial applications should be HUGE!
  • Executive Director, Community Maritime Park - He is solely responsible for the completion and marketing of the Maritime park and the rapid commercial development of the park.  After eight years of his successes, we would not want to lose him here.
  • Chief Greeter Pensacola Intergalactic Airport - Instead of a video of him as visitors arrive, why not just have him personally greet folks as they get here.  He could have a photo booth. Bogan can still take the pictures.
  • Senior Vice President of Developmental Opportunities and Cross Collaborative Endeavors for Projects and Commercially Applicable Professional, Academic and Philanthropic Analysis - Levin Enterprises.  Heck, Fred was paying him for nothing before office, may as well go back to what he was doing.
See Mr. Mayor, plenty of opportunities on the outside.  Move along little doggie!

I've Got Mail!

Thanks for the info!  Wow!  I'm on it!

Looks like collusion.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Video of the Hayward Staff Meeting Last Week on the PNJ Port Article

This weekend the Mayor and his flunkie Clark Merritt rolled out his big PLAN for the port.  Have IHMC do a research center!!

Except he never asked IHMC.  They had no idea.

Well, I have obtained a video recording from the Mayor's staff meeting last week where the plan was discussed.

Mayor's staff meeting video

I Had To Chuckle at Underhill...Cut-throughs?

Last night the County Commission took up the issue of the vacation of Rawson Lane.  Now I don't get into county issues much, but when I heard the following quote from Commissioner Underhill, I had to chuckle.

"We discourage the use of roads like Rawson Lane as a cut-through between main arterials all the time," Commission Chair Doug Underhill said before the commission voted. "Therefore, I'm going to be supporting this issue, because I support discouraging the use of Rawson Lane as a cut-off between two arterials."


River Road?
North Loop?
South Loop?

We will have to watch the campaign finances of Commissioner Underhill this next cycle.  My guess is that the PCC area will find some dollar bills for Commissioner Underhill.

Friday, May 19, 2017

In Mobile its a Crisis...In Pensacola Under Hayward...No Problem

Mobile recently announced a new Fire Chief.  In the WKRG story about the new Chief it states:

"Sealy also talked about the staffing issues brought up in News 5’s Special Report, such as many of the firetrucks riding with three firefighters instead of the recommended four.
“Certainly staffing always needs to be addressed,” Sealy said. “The amount of people we have on the trucks is certainly something we’re going to look into.”
The Special report article sites:
The issues of public safety and the lack of a full-fledged fire chief came into sharp focus just this week.  This was one explosive example of a truck riding short this week. Three men on a truck instead of four. Matt Waltman with the Mobile Fire Fighters Union has been one of the vocal critics of this practice.
“We’re just lucky no one’s gotten hurt real bad. We’re lucky we haven’t had a fatality,” said the Vice President of the Mobile Firefighters Association Matt Waltman.  City officials say even though this isn’t the ideal situation, it’s a better use of city resources.
“You have a choice between where you ride less engines with four people on them or do you spread them out in geographic locations where you have a faster response time,” said Public Safety Director James Barber.  In the last three months, there’s been just one day where all companies were fully staffed and 34 days where at least one or more units were not running at all.  This is according to the MFRD manpower log.  Fire officials say the practice is common.
No matter how long the practice has been going on, it’s raised eyebrows among the rank-and-file. Some worry it’s a problem waiting to happen.
“Our mission has been lost,” said a Mobile Firefighter who asked us to refer to him as “Bob.”  Most firefighters we spoke with would only agree to interviews if we concealed their identities out of fear of retaliation.

“Just because we’ve been riding short for so long doesn’t mean it’s okay. I mean one day can change everything,” said “Bob.”  The absence of a fully appointed fire chief has hurt morale and made people wonder about the department’s direction.

As I have noted for years, Pensacola has been violating the 2 in 2 out rule FOR YEARS.  No one cares here.  

In Mobile, its a special report.  
It's a crisis!  
Actions must be taken.
The Fire Union is strong and stands up for its members.  Vocally!

In Pensacola, City Hall doesn't care.  
WEAR just wants to do commercials.  
The PNJ wants to highlight who has played and will play at Vinyl.
The Fire Union is dominated over by the Mayor.
Their President is more worried about his social acceptance at City Hall than representing his firefighters.

One more reason...Pensacola, the Downside of Florida...and the Gulf Coast.

We deserve better.  But lets worry about parade routes, panhandling and photo ops!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Schmitt v Hayward (INDIVIDUALLY) and the City of Pensacola

Below is a link to the scheduling order in Chief Schmitt's case against the City and the Mayor.


  • Discovery deadline - November 10, 2017
  • 8 depositions - YEP...Get ready for some 'splainin' boys!
  • 7 hour depos!!!   Squirm Mayor Squirm!!
  • Prospects for Settlement:  Settlement at this time is unlikely. (Just wait til the swearin' starts.)
  • Trial date: January 22, 2018 - 3 days
In addition, Defendant Hayward is not entitled to qualified immunity. Plaintiff asserts that the retaliation was malicious, willful, and with reckless disregard for his rights. Plaintiff further asserts that he suffered emotional distress, embarrassment, and humiliation because of Defendants’ conduct. Plaintiff seeks declaratory and injunctive relief, as well as, reinstatement or front-pay, back-pay, lost seniority, benefits, and pension, nominal damages, compensatory damages, punitive damages, attorneys’ fees, costs, and expenses.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Chief must be a Reader!

A reader sent me this from Escambia Citizens Watch:

Note: Lyter did call me to clarify that he had inadvertently misspoken when describing the ordinance as not leading to many arrests. He does understand that it provides for civil citations only.

Thanks for clarifying Chief!  It takes a village.