Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Questions regarding the Nursing Home Incident

Prior to posting the PPD incident report  I interviewed an involved party. The person was very concerned about several issues surrounding the case.  Of those issues, I am researching the following surrounding the nursing home incident:
  • What information is reflected in the sworn (written and recorded) statements of the nursing home employees that were interviewed by the PPD?
  • What did any videos obtained in the investigation reflect?
  • What was recorded on the hidden camera placed in the alleged victim's room?
  • 4 potential crimes are noted in the police report, yet no action is taken by the PPD.  Were the PPD officers instructed by anyone within the department to end the investigation?
  • Why was the City Councilman not interviewed even though he was identified as a "potential suspect"?
I was contacted by the police depatment to discuss my public records request today.  Based on my discussion, the request is substantial and will take some time to assemble and redact any confidential information.

As I receive answers to these questions and my data requests, I will post them here without opinion but merely present the facts as they are provided to me.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Tracking MacQueen

The PNJ recently did a story on Julian MacQueen's round the world flight.


Well if you want to track his progress here's how.


In the search area, search for N199HJ.  It shows that the MacQueen's are now in Shannon, Ireland.

Based on Flightaware his trip has started out like this:

11:07AM GMTKeflavik Int'l - KEF
02:33PM ISTShannon - SNN
2h 26m
11:37AM ADTCFB Goose Bay (Goose Bay) - YYR
02:24PM -02Narsarsuaq - UAK
1h 47m
09:00AM ADTHalifax Int'l - YHZ
10:25AM ADTCFB Goose Bay (Goose Bay) - YYR
1h 25m
11:40AM EDTPiedmont Triad Intl - GSO
03:01PM ADTHalifax Int'l - YHZ
2h 21m
02:27PM CDTPensacola Intl - PNS
04:55PM EDTPiedmont Triad Intl - GSO
1h 28m

Trip of a lifetime!  How cool!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Public Records Request

Police Department Public Records Request 


PPD15OFF011007 Documents, video, photos, complete file, records, any and all obtained/produced within this incident to include: 
  • video recordings from victims room, 
  • interview notes, 
  • photo evidence of air tubing
  • recording of interviews  
  • Interviews  
  • Also please provide any and all emails to/from David Alexander and any supervisors.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Police Report: Alleged Attempted Murder, Council Member a Potential Suspect...No Charges Filed.

Here's the summary:

  • In 2015, a local resident suspected that someone was trying to kill him.
  • A local City Council Member was named in the PPD police report as a "Potential Suspect".
  • The PPD did re-creations, interviewed many, and even placed a camera in the victim's room.
  • A witness tipped off the Council Member of the PPD investigation.
  • PPD identified three first degree misdemeanors and one Third Degree Felony Violation concerning people involved in the investigation.
  • This included interfering in an active police investigation concerning notifying the Council Member who was a "Potential Suspect".
  • Ultimately though this is Pensacola and no charges are actually filed.
Would you like to read the incident report or should I discuss the budget short falls some more?

Monday, July 31, 2017

Hayward/Patel Secret Public Private Partnership

As Mayor Hayward secretly meets trying to form his public private partnership to bring minor league basketball to Pensacola I thought it may be good to see the key elements to a successful public private partnership.  I hope this helps him avoid the potential pitfalls.

7 Keys to Successful P3s
The following are to be considered “best practices” in the development of public-private partnerships (P3s). It is recognized that the methodology for implementation of P3s can vary, depending on the nature of a given project and local concerns. Given this, it is the position of the NCPPP that these are “best practices”:

Recognized public figures should serve as the spokespersons and advocates for the project and the use of a P3. Well-informed champions can play a critical role in minimizing misperceptions about the value to the public of an effectively developed P3.
There should be a statutory foundation for the implementation of each partnership. Transparency and a competitive proposal process should be delineated in this statute. However, unsolicited proposals can be a positive catalyst for initiating creative, innovative approaches to addressing specific public sector needs.
The public sector should have a dedicated team for P3 projects or programs. This unit should be involved from conceptualization to negotiation, through final monitoring of the execution of the partnership. This unit should develop Requests For Proposals (RFPs) that include performance goals, not design specifications. Consideration of proposals should be based on best value, not lowest prices. Thorough, inclusive value for money (VFM) calculations provide a powerful tool for evaluating overall economic value.
A P3 is a contractual relationship between the public and private sectors for the execution of a project or service. This contract should include a detailed description of the responsibilities, risks and benefits of both the public and private partners. Such an agreement will increase the probability of success of the partnership. Realizing that all contingencies cannot be foreseen, a good contract will include a clearly defined method of dispute resolution.
While the private partner may provide a portion or all of the funding for capital improvements, there must be an identifiable revenue stream sufficient to retire this investment and provide an acceptable rate of return over the term of the partnership. The income stream can be generated by a variety and combination of sources (fees, tolls, availability payments, shadow tolls, tax increment financing, commercial use of underutilized assets or a wide range of additional options), but must be reasonably assured for the length of the partnership’s investment period.
More people will be affected by a partnership than just the public officials and the private sector partner. Affected employees, the portions of the public receiving the service, the press, appropriate labor unions and relevant interest groups will all have opinions, and may have misconceptions about a partnership and its value to all the public. It is important to communicate openly and candidly with these stakeholders to minimize potential resistance to establishing a partnership.
The “best value” (not always lowest price) in a partnership is critical in maintaining the long-term relationship that is central to a successful partnership. A candidate’s experience in the specific area of partnerships being considered is an important factor in identifying the right partner. Equally, the financial capacity of the private partner should be considered in the final selection process.

Well based on the above, is the Mayor is off on the right track??

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hayward Drops Some Important Standing Goals...Because They Aren't His Goal!

On Page 1 of the 2017 Budget, the Mayor had the following "Standing Goals":



Fiscally Responsible




Well from 2017 to 2018 those goals didn't stand!

On Page 1 of the 2018 Budget, the Mayor had the following "Standing Goals":




The  Mayor's "Stated Goals" have changed from Fiscally Responsible, Efficient, Accountable and Transparent to just Well-Managed.

The boy is just giving up on the 4 false claims of Fiscally Responsible, Efficient, Accountable and Transparent to just 1 false claim of Well-Managed.