Monday, March 12, 2018

CAFR Disclosures and Regurgitated Dribble

From the 2017 CAFR:

On November 24, 2009 voters approved amendments to the City Charter that changed the form of government from a Council-Manager to a Mayor-Council structure commonly referred to as a “Strong Mayor” form of government. With the new structure, there are nine members of council one (1) to be elected from each of the seven (7) election districts of the City, and two Council members to be elected at large with each member limited to three consecutive four year terms. On June 11, 2013, voters approved amendments to the City Charter that eliminated the two a tlarge City Council seats, upon the completion of their current terms, which reduced the number of City Council members from nine to seven. After the November 2014 and by November 2016 election, both of the at large seats were eliminated with the completion of those terms, reducing the total Council members elected to seven (7).

  • new structure?
  • there are?
  • to be?
  • current terms?
He just tacks on something as it happens and doesn't even change the tense.  Award of excellence?  Who do they deny? 


With the collapse of the oil market and decline in Port revenues, uses for the 50+ acres currently occupied by the Port of Pensacola will be reviewed in fiscal year 2018. The review is structured to bring forth a plan of action aimed at providing an optimal return on the Port’s assets. 

Port closure?  
Retirement village?
Amusement park?
Golf Course?

All it really says is that Ashton Hayward, the self proclaimed business man CEO, was responsible for the failure of a port that operated since 1559 and has turned it into a place for helicopter tours.

Way to go Mayor! 


The City experienced a 13.8% turnover rate in fiscal year 2017, a slight increase over the fiscal year 2016 rate of 11.4%.

Bet that goes up this year as Sisson, Olson, and the other Mayoral appointments are shown the door in November.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Peacock told NO! Naughty Boy!

Image result for cartoon dog with tail between legs

The DIB's by-laws change to appoint John Peacock as the All Time Supreme Ruler of the DIB was withdrawn from the Council agenda.

Just didn't have the votes! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Mayor's Big Lie..the Fish Hatchery

Every time we turn around these days we see the Mayor lying again about his proposed fish hatchery that wont even be completed when he leaves office. 

He talked today with Andrew Tallman, the City CIO, on AM 1620.

The Mayor kept saying a $30 million investment in our city. FALSE!  $11 million is related to Project Greenshores. The hatchery is only $18 million.

The Mayor kept saying the $18 million will be invested in our community.  FALSE!  The state is going to let a contract for $12 million to the lowest bidder.  Not to a Pensacola company necessarily.

The rest of the $18 million is for operating expenses and a handful of state employees for 5 years.

The only direct payment the State will give Pensacola is $50 per year for 30 years.  $1,500!

For a property worth $7.5 million.

This project is NOT a research facility, it is NOT a heritage center.  It is a hatchery that would be just as successful at a location not on the water. 

At least he is open to relocating it to a less prime piece of property.  We should all thank Jerry Pate and Steve Dana for at least getting him off of the Bruce Beach property.

We did get to know if the Mayor wants fresh vs.frozen patties at McDonalds and what his favorite cereal is.  Nice investigative reporting Andrew!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Airport Ads...Who got a deal?

Zazaur Law Firm - 10 mths $19,000; $1,900 per month; one month free - Net $17,100
Levin Law  - 10 mths $25,000; $2,500 per month; one month free; prepay discount -Net $21,375
PCI Gaming - 10 mths $23,000; $2,300 per month; one month free - Net $ 20,700
Beggs & Lane - 10 mths $7,500; $750 per month; one month free - Net $6,750
Pete Moore - 11 mths $6,325; $575 per month; one month free; - Net $5,750
Central CU - 10 mths $3,250; $325 per month; one month free; prepay discount -Net $2778.75

Friday, March 2, 2018

Kim Jong-Peacock

John Peacock wants to be supreme leader!  He is pressing to have the term limits on his role eliminated by City Council so that he can be "Chairman" FOREVER!

From the DIB monthly package:


WHEREAS, the Pensacola Downtown Improvement Board (“DIB”) was established by Chapter 72-655, Laws of Florida as amended by Chapters 76-466 and 80-582, Laws of Florida (the “Act”); and,

WHEREAS, the DIB adopted those certain By-Laws and Internal Governance of the Pensacola Downtown Improvement Board as amended per the Act (“By-Laws”); and,

WHEREAS, the DIB desires to further amend the By-Laws (“Amendment”); and,

WHEREAS, this Amendment is subject to the approval of the Pensacola City Council.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the aforementioned, the Board of Directors of the DIB, subject to the approval of the Pensacola City Council, agree as follows:

1. Article III, Section 1, Subsection 7 of the By-Laws is amended to read as follows: Length of Term: There is no limit to the number of terms a Board officer may serve in the same office. 

2. This Amendment is effective upon its adoption by a majority vote of the Board of Directors of the DIB after the text of the proposed amendment has been read at least once at a previous regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the DIB and after the approval of the Pensacola City Council. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the DIB is hereby authorized to sign the Amendment.


Term limits serve a purpose.  Kim Jong-Peacock just wants to be supreme leader FOR ALL TIME.

Council, please shoot this down.

The Citizens believe in term limits.  That's why you have them.  That's why the Mayor has them.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Millers Folly! Helicopter Tours from the Port?

I recently posted that Port Director Amy Miller had excluded a few types of business from a recent RFP for port marketing although we pay her and her mini-me Clark Merritt to market the Port.

One of the exempted lines of business was "Land lease to support rotocraft aviation operation"

My sources tell me a local company wants to offer helicopter tours from downtown.

I can't imagine how Miller believes that will happen inside the Port (a secure area) unless she has plans to lease them the Port parking lot.

Here is what to watch for in the Hayward inside deal machine at ole' City Hall.

Now lets do a little sheer speculation.
  • The Pensacola area has only one helicopter tour company.
  • The Mayor's bestie uses a helicopter company for her side hustle.
  • Her other hustle is snapping photos of the Mayor.
  • The Mayor controls a port.
  • The Port is looking to bring a helicopter tour downtown.
Could there be anything here?  Nah!  Just complete coincidence I'm sure.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Local Attorney and Mayors Chief Cheerleader is a Hypocrite

The Mayor's puppet master has started running a radio ad talking about various lawyers advertisements.  He talks about how an attorney standing on a truck could fall off, another should spend more time with his family and another has a nickname to get you to remember him.

Well this certain pillar of the legal community has used several angles in trying to get people to let him catch their ambulance.

He must have forgotten that he used to run ads featuring his private jet.  If you need to take the deposition of some company's mid level risk manager, you definitely need to spend thousands of dollars per flight hour that you will charge the client.  Lord knows you are way to important to make a connecting flight.

May the 4s be with you....I believe your firm used to say