Friday, April 27, 2018


Mayor Ashton Hayward has announced he is not running for re-election.  But that doesn't mean he will stop wasting OUR taxpayer money.

Because he is such a diplomat, he has taken it upon himself to visit our Sister city in Japan! AT our expense.

Curious how none of the pictures have hit any of his social media!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Path Forward to Block the Fish Hatchery

With the judges decision yesterday that the Plaintiffs in the Fish Hatchery lawsuit lack standing, the path to still cancelling the Hatchery lease is as easy as appealing Judge Boles decision to the 1st District Court of Appeals in Tallahassee.

A civil matter which is "dismissed with prejudice" is over forever. This is a final judgement, not subject to further action, which bars the plaintiff from bringing any other lawsuit based on the claim.
The dismissal itself may be appealed.

Grover can merely telegraph to the State his intent to void the lease upon taking office.

When I sued the City for the Line Item Reversal back in 2013, the appeal was filed and the decision did not come back for 9 months.

9 months is plenty of time to allow a new Mayor to kill the project.

Don't give up now!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Buchanan Sputters Out of Gate

  • Drew was so excited about being a candidate for Mayor that he ponied up $1 for the cause.  Yeah, a buck!  He is so excited about running that he has put up less than a Circle K coffee.
  • Drew also had a slip up.  He listed the house on Florida Blanca...but used a zip of his real home in 32507
  • He has 15 donors...6 actually live in the City!! If you count him...wink wink!
  • Derek Cosson's wife donated $1.  Well, since their blog went out of business money is tight at the Buchanan and Cosson houses.
Hang in there Drew...with effort you might make it into double digits!

Nothing more to pay attention to with him!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Hayward and Allen...Where Are Those Rescue Trucks

I was looking at the new City Website and migrated over to the Fire Department.

The following picture is shown.

Rescue Trucks at Station 2, 3 and 4?

Pensacola doesn't roll any rescue trucks that I'm aware of?

Check out the email below to see how much he lied to Fire to win their vote.

Now Rusty Wells who he goes after in detail in the email is his enforcer.

Hayward screwed the Fire Department from day one to his last day!  With Chief Turn and Run's help!

This email was sent to the Union President just before the election.


This is a copy of the email I recieved from Ashton. I thought that everyone should see this. .......Gary

An independent study released today found "minimal issues with any outside employment" by our city firefighters.

In fact, of the 19 firefighters investigated in this witch hunt, only 1 firefighter may have an issue and it is non-disciplinary, reported the city manager.

When City Councilwoman Maren Deweese called for a "Vote of Confidence" for our City Fire Department, Wiggins referred it to staff. This effectively killed that motion. Diane Mack was vehemently opposed to this action, as well.

Just 38 seconds after the City Council voted to discipline City Attorney Rusty Wells over inappropriate emails he sent, the City Council gave him a "Vote of Confidence." Rusty Wells and Mike Wiggins were schoolmates at Pensacola High, graduating together in 1962. Wiggins "conducted" the investigation of his childhood friend, Wells.

I want you to know that firefighters are heroes in my book. You're willing to put your lives on the line and that kind of honor and courage deserves a "Vote of Confidence" and much more.

In my administration, you will have a seat at the table in the decision-making process. My door will always be open. I will not balance the city budget on the firefighters' backs and I will do everything in my power to make sure you have the equipment, training and staffing you need to protect yourselves and our citizens.

I want to thank you for your endorsement of me early on this race. I appreciate all the hard work you've done for my campaign. With just 8 days left, I hope you will show your support now more than ever. Remember, it's our city, let's take it back.


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Drew Buchanan's "Qualifications" for Mayor..."I do social media"

The link is to Drew Buchanans resume.

Drew Buchanan Resume

It mentioned another failed business "Campfire"
It talks about his Pedicab company

Then all the social media stuff he did in the Air Force.

It is clear from his past that Drew was a worker bee, not a leader!
Drew is a social media guy, not a CEO.

Drew Buchanan would be a joke as Mayor!  Kinda like the cancelled TV show!

Cancel Drew before he has a season!  Although it would be a comedy!

The Mayor
Created byJeremy Bronson
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes13 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Kris Eber
  • Scott Printz
Camera setupSingle-camera
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)
  • Jeremy Bronson Productions
  • Fee-Fi-Fo Films
  • Fanfare Productions
  • ABC Studios
DistributorDisney–ABC Domestic Television
Original networkABC
Original releaseOctober 3 – December 12, 2017
External links
The Mayor is an American sitcom television series, created by Jeremy Bronson. The series is produced by ABC Studios, with Bronson serving as showrunner. It aired on ABC from October 3 to December 12, 2017.[1]
The series stars Brandon Micheal Hall as Courtney Rose, an aspiring rapper who unwittingly becomes the mayor of his hometown after running to gain publicity for his music. Lea Michele and Yvette Nicole Brown also star, with newcomers Bernard David Jones and Marcel Spears. The pilot was ordered to series by ABC on May 11, 2017.[2]
On January 4, 2018, ABC cancelled the series after one season.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Hey Edler, You Regret Pimping for Allen and Hayward Now?

Do you remember when the Mayor decided to put David Allen up for Fire Chief?

Do you remember boot licking Nate Edler of the Fire Union going down before Council and stating how David Allen was the best thing since sliced bread?

The honeymoon is over!  Everyone at City Hall is picking on Nate Dog!  Sisson, Allen, Redding

See wah-wah-wah letter below!

A few questions:

  • When will Van Sickle's "independent investigation" into Edler's allegations begin?
  • Did Sisson have to put himself on indefinite paid administrative leave pending the investigation?
  • Does Allen have to give up his vehicle, keys, cell phone and badge?
  • Does the Mayor still have confidence in these two?
I can't say I'm happy...but I dang sure aint't sad!  Boy got used like a rookie at the Palafox two-step!

The term Chump comes to mind.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Failed Businessman and Mayor Candidate Not Responsible

I recently photographed failed businessman and Mayoral candidate Drew Buchanan's pedi-cab just parked on the side of the road in the Historic District. It is always parked in the historic district.

First, should we as citizens of Pensacola allow businesses to just park their commercial vehicles on the side of the road? 

  • What if dump truck owners just parked on the side of the road by Old Christ Church?
  • What if cab owners parked their off duty cabs next to the Dorr House?
  • What if Gulf Power or AT&T parked their fleets around Seville Square?
Is this how Buchanan would run the City?  
  • Will Pensacola Energy trucks be parked randomly all over the City?
  • Why not just park the fleet of City vehicles left in the City Hall parking lot all over the City?
Buchanan already ran the Pulse into the ground.  
Buchanan has shown he is not responsible with his failing pedi-cab business.

What would dear great great Uncle Reuben think of your business failures?

Would Uncle Reuben vote for a candidate with your credentials and lack of experience?